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Exceeding our customers' expectations and leading the plating industry through innovations, certifications and capabilities is what we do. We’re Miami, Fl  based a ground-breaking metal plating, composites plating, anodizing, metal finishing and engineering solutions company.

We specialize in highly-engineered, custom plating solutions for industries and products where precision, knowledge and experience matter. Our skills range from precision gold plating to anodizing to electroless Nickel and more. We tackle the highest tolerances on the most delicate parts . We do it right and we do it on time.    Our reputation is unmatched.

About Us                                  ISO 9001


We are a Miami based plating company, provides highly-engineered, electroplating solutions. Our size and stability set us apart from the typical job shop. We’re certified by QMS Global for chemical processing, and our on-site chemistry lab and team of employed chemists insure that every job is handled and verified according to the proper specifications.

We continually invest in technology and capital improvements to ensure we offer the capabilities our customers demand including composites plating and the ability to have your jobs plated and anodized. Our wide range of abilities allows us to be the go-to source for jobs that must be done correctly and on time.

Our attitude for excellence is shared with the environment too. Our facilitie in Miami boasts a state-of-the-art water treatment systems that allows us to return water to the earth just like we received it.

"Quality-Service-Value pricing-Consistency

Fast Turnaraund Enviroment responsible-
Immediate attention to quotation request"

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